Q. What kind of artwork do you need for embroidery?

A. We prefer that your artwork be in the highest resolution possible: vector format (.PDF, .AI, .EPS, .CDR). We can also accept lower resolution files such as .JPG, .GIF, .PNG, .TIFF and convert them into an embroidery file format. There is always a setup fee involved to convert artwork into embroidery format. 

If you are sending an embroidery format, we accept the most common format, which is .DST, but prefer .OFM. Sending an embroidery file MAY decrease your setup fees.

Q. How do I get a quote for embroidery cost and setup fee?

A. You can email all artwork to dave@LestersUpstateSports.com and we will give you pricing.

Q. Can I see what the logo will look like on a hat before you embroider?

A. Yes, we always provide a computer-generated proof for your approval prior to embroidering

Q. How long will it take to setup, embroidery, and ship my order?

A. Our typical turnaround time is 7-10 business days plus shipping. Our turnaround time is an estimate and starts when we have all of the information to complete your order. 3D embroidery requires 3-4 weeks plus shipping. If you need your job sooner it may be possible for us to complete with additional charges for rush fees. 

Q. What is the largest sewing area for a design?

A. For hats the maximum height is approximately 2.5”

Q. Can you sew logos on the sides and/or back or hats?

A. Yes, we can sew on the sides and/or back or hats. The maximum embroidery area is limited.

Q. What kinds of goods do you embroider on?

A. We embroider on Hats, shirts, jackets, hats, bags, pants, and a variety other types of goods. Please contact us with whatever it is you want embroidered!

Q. Can you match Pantone colors?

A. Depending on the color, we can match it accurately with embroidery threads, but not all Pantone colors are represented among the thread colors. This is due to the limited number of thread colors available from thread manufacturers. We have a system for color matching and we can match your color very closely, but a perfect match is not possible among all Pantone colors. If you would like to see about matching your Pantone color, please contact us.

Q. Do you do 3D embroidery?

A. Yes. We can certainly do 3D or “Puff” embroidery. We do not accept your digitized files for 3D embroidery. We must create them ourselves. If you choose from our stock fonts there is no setup fee for 3D embroidery.

Q. What are your minimums?

A. It depends on a few factors but overall our minimum is 12. If you need fewer (6-11) we might be able to do the job with a Less Than Minimum charge. For 3D embroidery the absolute minimum is 12.

Q. I don’t have a design in place. Can you make up a design for me?

A. Sometimes yes, sometimes no.  If you point us in a direction we can, for an additional charge, develop your logo, however, complex custom logos require a professional artist.  

Q. I want to have different colors on different garments. Can you do that?

A. Absolutely. There is no charge for color changes on your embroidery order. We ask that you embroider at least 12 garments with the same colors.